Below, you will find video tutorials that should serve as reviews if you attended one of the Practical Magic Photoshop Elements workshops. You will also find the images used in the videos in case you'd like to work along. 

Presented first will be tutorials on the basics and will ramp up to more powerful applications of PS ELements such as selections, layering and composting. I will be gradually adding more videos over time. If there are particular videos you want me to cover, please fill out the form below!  

All movies created with Adobe Captivate!

Click on the icons below to download the workshop handout (~7mb) and the images used in the workshop (~30mb)

Quick Edit Lighting

lighting1.JPG lighting1.JPG
Size : 2335.711 Kb
Type : JPG

The Clone Stamp Tool

cloning1.jpg cloning1.jpg
Size : 216.512 Kb
Type : jpg


The Healing Tool

Healing.jpg Healing.jpg
Size : 112.048 Kb
Type : jpg


Cloning and Healing Challenge


Heal_clone.jpg Heal_clone.jpg
Size : 518.009 Kb
Type : jpg

Creating a Panorama


tetons1.JPG tetons1.JPG
Size : 187.146 Kb
Type : JPG
tetons2.JPG tetons2.JPG
Size : 158.981 Kb
Type : JPG
tetons3.JPG tetons3.JPG
Size : 155.104 Kb
Type : JPG

Simple Color Adjustments


color cast.jpg color cast.jpg
Size : 606.669 Kb
Type : jpg
color skin.JPG color skin.JPG
Size : 1739.415 Kb
Type : JPG
color variations.jpg color variations.jpg
Size : 634.581 Kb
Type : jpg
color_replace.jpg color_replace.jpg
Size : 2476.918 Kb
Type : jpg

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