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Google Earth is a free application for all computer platforms that uses satellite imagery to display a multitude of information about the Earth.  The Earth, Continents, Countries, States, Counties, Cities, and even neighborhoods and houses can be viewed, spun, tilted and zoomed in upon.  Elevations, distance, directions, latitude and longitude can easily be collected with a little bit of know-how.You can explore geographical content, save your toured places, and share with others.

Most students and teachers use Google Earth to find their house or a friend's house. Fewer students and teachers use it for finding and using information contained within Google Earth itself (e.g. current events articles, historical imagery, videos...etc.). An even smaller group of students and teachers use Google Earth to CREATE information such as a multimedia-infused. Typically, to create a nice looking placemark, you would use HTML code or an HTML editor, but in the video tutorial below, I describe how to create placemarks without using html code. If you are interested in using an HTML editor to create fancy placemarks, check out this Google Earth workshop

(sorry about the change in audio levels!

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