Ryan Visser - Instructional Technology Training


Hi! I'm Ryan. I have been teaching Instructional Technology to pre-service teachers since 2000. During that time, I've also dedicated a lot of my time and effort providing professional development and technology training to in-service teachers. Other things of interest? Hmmmm....I present at several educational technology conferences each year, including FETC and ISTE. I am an Adobe Educational Leader, which is comprised of a group of educators interested in not only Adobe products, but also the field of instructional and educational technology. Check out the Adobe Education Exchange!


My approach towards PD and teaching is to give to the learners as much hands-on experience as possible, whether it's teaching education majors or leading a 6 hour workshop on Photoshop Elements. Because it's not easy to remember everything at a PD session, I like to post handouts, images, and other resources on a Website so participants or students can access them once the formal training is finished. As often as possible, I also like to post tutorial videos of the things we do in the PD sessions. I hope you find them valuable!


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